Dustin Reeves spanked and owned by Jeff Stern


08.03 updates @ SpankThis

Just simple story. Jeff Stern comes to the boy called Dustin Reeves and starts to punish him. But Dustin really loves such things and hes getting horny pretty soon. Red spanked ass became tasty and sexually musthave for sure. Thats it..

Stern boy bonna ge punished
Twink Tern and his red spanked ass
stern boy ass spanking
boy penetrated by man

Here You can also watch the video from those actions.
‘Jeff Sterne is back, and he is ready to take these twinks back to the disciplined ways they’ve be away from for too long. The naughtiest twink of all, Dustin Reeves, is the first to be put back in his place.’

…check updates @ SpankThis.com

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