Boys go out to have a picnic


Four completely normal guys go to the forest on a bright summer day to have a picnic, but that doesn’t work at all! Having pitched some tents, boys go out to the glade that is in front of them, but two of them are suddenly knocked down on the ground and go tightly bound, while two other ones are committing all that in a commanding manner! The homos are lying on the ground face down with hands roped behind the back with plugged mouths.

couple of boys rudely dominated

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red spanked ass of boy and water torture

boys bondage and water torture

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It looks like some real gangster as queer as a nine bob note fuck or some sado-maso procedure, but no tender homosexual bonking. Then a lad in white shirt gets a white bucket on the head of one of two victims and starts titillating his heels what makes all light-footed body’s go shivering with laughter. They are spanked hard with paddies and then all their outfit is torn into pieces by the same guy in the white shirt. Unprecedented scale!

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