Sexy blond boy spanked hard for jerking-off in wrong place


sexy blond boy jerking cock in military zone
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sexy young boy spanked hard with leather belt

Young recruit was training hard the whole day, because soon he is planning to join the military forces of Tchukistan. He heard some noises in deserted compound and decided to take a look what is going on. There he saw a young beautiful blond boy who was sitting and jerking-off his huge cock. Young soldier already had some experiences in sexual relations with guys, and this deserted place with cute boy and his cock made him horny a bit and he felt strong enough to fulfill his lustful desires. So he just came to the stunning guy and started to dominate him. Boy wasn’t ready for this sudden onslaught so he was totally helpless. Soldier forced him to make some exercises. Then he took off his clothes and started to spank his sweet butt with leather belt. But it was only the beginning…

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