Teenboy Kelvin punished by old master


Old master Sebastian Kane got another victim – hot boy called Kelvin Ash, who was tied up in the mill. After some dirty talks, Sebastian started to flog the twink’s body. After all his flesh became flaming red, master decided to crunch Kelvin’s ass and to explore his hole. Then old perverted man put his young slave on the knee and continued to slap his butt by own hand.

older guy dominate young boy and tease his cock

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Under control of the true master, these twinks become obedient and easy virtue. No reason to escape, it’s better just to withstand the punishment. This twink knows these simple rules and because of being good slave, master wanks his penis…


Frightened boy with evil hand-pillory and ass plug


Soldiers of Tchukistan have rights to do all they want with those, who break military laws. Just try to imagine what they can do with two russian boys, who threw stones in their post-office…

boy victim in military hands

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Young boys threesome – spanking dildo and bareback


These three boys are old friends and sex partners. Two of them are true dominants by their nature and the third boy is absolutely different – he is always the object of sexual games and just a sex-toy in passionate hands of his horny friends. And damn this boy with sweet asshole loves it pretty much.

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As soon as they met, two of friends started to dominate their skinny blond friend and took all of clothes. This hot twink sucked cock very hard while one of the boys whipped his bony body and small ass. Then mates took a dildo and prepared this tight ass to massive cocks. When the asshole became well-done, skinny twink got owned by one of the cocks bareback from behind, and the other boy was still spanking his butt.


Ass spanking is the best discipline lesson


Yeah, this one is a raw stuff. The story is about russian father and his young son, about how they went to the local bathhouse. There were some misunderstandings between them – son said that he is too grown-up, to visit baths every weekend with dad, just like a kid. After that, father decided that it’s time to teach this disobedient boy how he should talk and behave.

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young boy ass spanking

amateur boy dirty ass flogging

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When they got to the changing room, there were nobody there. Father sat on the bench and ordered the boy to lay down on dads knees by chest, just as he did in childhood, when he was guilty. Boy knew, that its punishment time, and he obediently obeyed. For this amateur guy ass spanking is pretty frequent occurrence. This time he was smacked very rudely. This man held boys head in one hand and at the same time flogged his butt by another. Ahhr.


spanking twinks

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Tied boy torture apparatus and wild sexy hunk


It’s torture time! Rene is tied to the bone crunching machine with ropes and chains. He didn’t returned money in time to the dangerous muscle guy Hannibal. It happened because of Rene didn’t know about the ‘torture room’ at basement of Hannibal’s house. A really big mistake.

young boy bondage bdsm

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tied gayboy torture bdsm

painful humiliation of twink

Powerful hunk just forced the poor young boy and left him no chance to escape. This awful rope tied over his cock was so painful. Hannibal whipped his feet, touched and pushed his body everywhere and licked Rene’s face like a pussycat drinks water. Hannibal was naked with all of his shiny muscles and all the action slowly made him horny. The next step of the punishment surely will be brutal assfuck

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Boy got his ass spanked loudly


This scene is a classical and well-known episode from SpankThisGay studio. Handsome young boy was punished on the balcony by hard ass smacking. He was screaming very loudly on every single slap, but they were coming and coming till his tight small ass became flaming red.

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He kept screaming because it was hurting so much and cute twink was just unable to do anything in order to avoid this painful domination

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Slave boy with dog collar ass spanking


This boy loves to play slave roles, because it gives him lots of advantages – it helps to diversify his sexual life and in addition to this it brings him absolutely unique and valuable fetish experience.

boy slave and his master

slave boy ass spanking

slave teenboy punishment - ass spanking

whipping the slutty slave boy

When there is a dog collar on his neck, he becomes a different person. Wild hunger of pain is awakening in his mind and brutal spanking is only thing he desires. Pain becomes a friend and brings more colors to his life. Being brutally punished in these role plays, he never let anybody to hurt him in real life.

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