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One of the oldest amateur boy spanking studios Spanking Twinks is a rough unique russian gay fetish content with sexy natural totally unshaven and anti-hollywood style boys. Scenes usually take place in ordinary russian flats and houses. I could say it is total contradiction to US studios like Spank This. At this scene fat daddy spanks his disobedient boys with all the things he can find nearby. He is using ping-pong rocket, kitchen spatula and his own hands. Boys are moaning, they dislike the action, but they have no choice, just to take it…

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This 19 years old boy with a lean muscle body and tight little sexy butt got put over the knee and spanked hard. Rich was using his bare hand at the beginning but then he felt that spanking is going to be too mild for this pal so he took a wooden brush and started to beat boys butt with all his mind. Boy was moaning and trying to get free, but Rich with his strong hands was holding him firmly…

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Young amateur punk Milo got punished hard after spat with his strong muscled brother. Brother got mad and decided to beat his butt. With his strong hands he took him like a rag-doll and putt over his knee, just like their dad was doing when they were children. He started to spank him with his bare hand. Then he took of jeans to make slaps more sharp, and then even took off boys undies. Naked butt was spanked hard. Boy was moaning and almost crying. He was trying to fight his brother, but he couldn’t, we was too weak…

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Slave boy got whipped hard and forced to suck a cock


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Dream Boy Bondage studio offers gay bdsm with bondage, spanking, slave and rough sexual content. In this episode sexy boy got tied to the spanking apparatus and got whipped hard. His sexy muscle tormentor with handsome face had no mercy, he was beating and whipping boys butt with all his mind. During this action he got horny so he decided to force his young slave to suck his cock…

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At this episode muscle 19 years old blond boy Max Carter spanks his friend called Matt Klein. Matt is very sexy skinny 18 years old blond guy. Boys arranged some things to do together, but Matt came much later and Max became annoyed by that. He felt that he need to give a lesson to his friend, so he spanked him. At the beginning Matt was quite confused, but seems like later he started to enjoy the process. It was painful for him for sure, but this type of pain is bearable and even pleasurable…

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Cute brunette teenager Tray got spanked hard at RYM


This is Tray. He is 19 years old, he is very cute and sexy boy. But he is very shy as well, he literally afraid of spanking, but as being adult actor, he decided to try this realm too but wasn’t sure. But guys from the RYM studio talked him into spanking and in the end he accepted to take a try.

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He was so nervous getting over the knee of the Rich, and said he feels himself ridiculous. But Rich was very happy to spank an owner of such a great bottom. He flogged him with his bare hand first, but then decided to use a wooden brush to make spanking even more sharper. Poor teen boy was moaning and kicking his legs from pain…

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Ton boy spanking adventures


Please welcome. This is Ton, a young boy who loves fetish. This handsome twink got his own studio and if you check it, you will understand why. He can do everything! Now take a look how Ton withstands ass spanking…

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Here are comments from the Tons diary:
‘This Sunday morning I wanted to feel as a real bad boy. I had a strong desire to be spanked by Master. A friend of mine agreed to participate in my fetish games. Watch my friend spanking my smooth ass by paddle and fingering my asshole at the end of this video.’

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