Amateur boy got whipped and punished for smoking


This is Joe. His parents went out of town on holidays and left him under Alex supervision. He is an older brother and he gave a word that he will look after Joe. This day young boy knew that Alex should go to the city center with his girlfriend, so he will be on his own. He took some cigarettes which were hidden near the house and started to smoke them in garage while listening to music.

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But it was a mistake. Alex came home earlier and he was in very bad mood. He had a hard time with his girlfriend so he was even angry. Older brother felt tobacco smell, went to garage and caught Joe with cigarette in his mouth. He gave to the young brother the opportunity to choose – he can rat him out to their parents after they will return home, or he can give him a punishment lesson in order to be sure such an harmful thing will never be repeated. Joe decided the second option and he got quickly dragged by the strong hand of Alex to the kitchen, where his tongue and mouth was roughly and disgustingly washed with soap. Then Alex took plastic spatula and started to spank his stupid brothers ass. He took off his pants bended him a bit and gave him very good lesson Joe will remember with his butt.

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What can prevent you from seeing all things which are taking place in this exciting rude gay sex gallery? I haven’t got any idea what your answer for this question could be but I haven’t got any doubts that everything what you would see here wouldn’t leave you disappointed! See what is taking place during this extremely hot and wonderful-looking rude gay sex and you will get your dick stiff and mouth water from this nice view. The very first thing sporty muscle master does – is giving his obedient enslaved boyfriend painful cock and balls punishment using thick ropes. He continues with spanking nice tight round butt of the slave twink by his strong hands. But what will take the place next in this rude gay sex story?..

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Sweet boy spanked over the knee by his angry daddy


What if your child doesn’t listen to you and with all his bad behavior shows his disrespects? What if he is already well-grown and thinks that everything you tell him is a bullshit? This man didn’t want to put up with such an awful attitude toward him, so he decided to show to his young boy who is the man in the house.

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First of all he shouted, that it is enough form him and ordered to that boy with a harsh tone to take off the clothes. This young pal was completely dumbfounded by such a behavior and didn’t dare to disobey. After he was completely naked dad took a wooden brush and roughly bended him over the knee. After first slaps boy understood that he was totally wrong and started moaning for mercy. But he won’t get free so easy. After few minutes his butt became completely red but his dad still was spanking him and didn’t want to stop this lesson…

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Amateur kawaii brunette boy got rough otk ass flogging


Jeff Stern is a well known behavior teacher for young disobedient boys. He is merciless enough to show those little bastards their weak and wrong sides and rough enough to give them correct lessons in order to fix the bad sides of their personalities.

sexy amateur boy got otk ass spanking
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This kawaii little brunette twink boy with incredibly beautiful face got in troubles. He was stupid enough to answer with a snarls and even used a foul language while he a conversation with Jeff. But this man do not bear such an ignorance and without a single thought decided to teach this boy a good manners. He took a big paddle, bended him over the knee and started to spank guys little smooth butt with all his mind until red bloody spots started to appear…

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Once again this is Nick from TropixxxVip studio. His cute face and sexy round butt are just a brilliant discovery for boy spanking lovers. This mischievous pal was acting in a lots of films from this studio and as seems at these pictures he already grew older a bit.

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This time he got spanked OTK (over the knee) with bare hand of his master. As always he did something wrong or behaved badly and deserved a good flogging. Looks like this pal will never get enough of it. His teacher ordered him to get otk. Then he took off his jeans and cute white undies and started his lesson. He spanked slowly and softly at first, but then he desired to hear the moaning of this yob so he strengthened tension of the slaps. It was really painful, boys butt became bloody red and started to flame…

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Hello, dear visitors. Once again I want to introduce you this pal whose name is simple Ton. This guy is just incredibly crazy, and the things he shows will drive you crazy, cause they will fulfill fetish desires of any taste, just anything you can imagine.

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This pal is from Russia and movies with Ton are kinda raw and not filmed professionally, but this is exactly what gives them zest, and quality of videos are good, so this stuff is worth it. This barely legal boy will show you spanking actions, bondage and domination lessons, fisting experiences, wax fetish and even enema. Just everything there is…

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Horny soldiers got drunk with an old friend and dominated him


horny gay soldier dominates his old friend

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Kart and his wild-minded friend Janek just arrived home after two year being in the army. They met their old friend Sebastian and got drunk. All of them were a good friends someday, but now something totally changed. Army couple started to dominate their week and helpless pal with girl-like behavior. Drunk soldiers couldn’t control themselves, they just felt that they are much powerful and can do everything with Sebastian. They forced him to suck their cocks like a girl, and then took him to the house, where they spanked his butt with wooden spoon until it became bloody red. Then they penetrated his cherry with fingers to prepare his hole for something more…

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