Sexy Justin is spanked hard with big wooden ruler


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For some young guys their round butt is a good source to make money, especially if those guys have some special relationship with being punished. These guys experience very unique feelings during such sessions, when they are helpless and being at the mercy of their punisher. So they combine the mixture of this special pleasure and earn some cash. Not bad, huh? This sexy young brunette boy Justin is exactly one of the examples. He have amazing body and sexy butt – perfect for spanking. At this scene he is being roughly spanked with big ruler. His punisher is quite rough, he keeps on smacking him in despite of moaning and pleasing to be more gentle. Justins butt is flaming as hell, but its not the end…

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Art spanking art performed by to handsome guys


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Here is some special updates from SpankThis. Usually this studio introduce sexy spanking content with young boys and ordinary daily spanking situations. This time here is more kinky stuff but you still can enjoy art of spanking with amazing quality. Two guys are performing ass flogging punishment with incredible passion. Handsome guy in jocks with hot round butt is being spanked with bare hand, metal paddle and leather belt which are bouncing from his ass with loud smacking sounds. Both guys enjoy the process so much, they are so concentrated and fully in action. No doubt, this performance is a pure art of spanking.

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Gay domination story from the Tchukistan prison


Being in prison is a hard time, especially when one is being put into Tchukistan military prison which is much more tough than Mexican prison. One have no rights at all there, and prisoners fate is totally depends on the will of guardians.

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This young guy commited a crime and now he is in serious trouble. Guard put him to the wall and took off all his clothes. He started to touch and to play with his butt, squeezing and spanking it. Then he locked guys hands with handcuffs and pushed him into cell. Terrified boy felt asleep, but his rest didn’t last long. Guard came in and continued his torture. He forced the prisoner to make a pull-ups and then took his balls and cock into his hand and painfully squeezed ‘em. But all these terrible things were only the beginning…

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Hot young boy got spanked hard OTK


TropiXxxVip studio is an exclusive resource with a tons of spanking punishments of young boys and sexy males. Hot videos and good quality photos will show all the details of the spanking art.

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This boys name is Nick. He is as to say a star of the studio. Young, handsome and with the incredible round butt – just a perfect model for spanking stories. In this scene he got flogged hard OTK (over the knee) with plastic hair brush. Master was beating his butt mercilessly and for a quite a long time. Boy was moaning, screaming and crying for him to stop, but its not so simple. Master was making his job until boys butt became bloody red and was flaming…

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Sweet young boys butt spanked hard with belt


This disobedient guy is in serious trouble. His parents were away for a few days before X-mas, and He should make a good housecleaning. A lot of freinds should visit for a holidays and big celebration is planned. But this little bastard just did nothing. He was partying, drinking, smoking and doing whatever he wanted but not cleaning. When his father returned home and realized that nothing is done, he became mad. He took a leather belt and forced his 19yo boy to take off his pants and bent to a laundry machine.

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Guy was more shocked that frightened, he wasnt punished like that for a long long time. Dad was spanking his butt for quite a long time. Every single punch was so sharp that after little moaning guy started to cry and ask for a mercy. But his dad didnt intent to stop. Now this little partykid will remember that word of his dad is a law…

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Pal in boy punishment scene gets ass spanked on balloon


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If you are fond of checking up great-looking and amazingly hot boy punishment porn then you should get my congratulations because you are definitely in the place that will make your sexual fantasies to be satisfied and make you so horny from this great experience! Now you could start relaxing with this spanking punishment action where pretty guy is getting his ass red from painful slapping. Sporty dominant male in jeans orders the slave pal to undress and he does it without any hesitations and unnecessary talks with all obedient he has. He lies on special fitness pink balloon after that and gets so painful and so pleasurable in one moment spanking punishment from the master! Enjoy with the continuation of this boy punishment story…

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Gay solider tied and spanked a terrorists ass


This guy was carrying an illegal weapon and wanted to detonate a bridge – important military object in Tchukistan. Luckily solider was at his place in right time and neutralized a terrorists attempt.

military gay domination of the terrorist
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guy got tied and spanked hard by soldier
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Solider took him to the old factory and tied him well. Now young terrorist is s military hostage and his destiny is in the hands of the solider. But he realized that he is in big troubles when after beating him a bit punisher started to undress and roughly touch his body. Solider showed him his horny big cock and tied boy went to panic. He understood that his punishment won’t be soft. Solider made him blow his cock and using his bare hand spanked his butt with all his mind. But it was only the beginning…

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