Horny soldiers got drunk with an old friend and dominated him


horny gay soldier dominates his old friend

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gay soldier spanks guys butt with wooden spoon

Kart and his wild-minded friend Janek just arrived home after two year being in the army. They met their old friend Sebastian and got drunk. All of them were a good friends someday, but now something totally changed. Army couple started to dominate their week and helpless pal with girl-like behavior. Drunk soldiers couldn’t control themselves, they just felt that they are much powerful and can do everything with Sebastian. They forced him to suck their cocks like a girl, and then took him to the house, where they spanked his butt with wooden spoon until it became bloody red. Then they penetrated his cherry with fingers to prepare his hole for something more…

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Young punk got his butt destroyed by metal stick


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This pal got in real troubles with his step-father. He loves heavy music, beer and to hang out with friends, he is lazy and hates to do any job for house. This time his step-father asked to make some cleaning, but this pal got drunk instead and felt asleep. When male came home and saw sleeping boy, without doing anything he asked, he just became crazy. He woke up the boy, started to rip off clothes and shouting on him. He decided that for being so lazy-ass this boy should get ass punishment. He took his metal stick and started very painful punishment. Boy was screaming, moaning and crying from pain but this only made his step-father to beat him more and more stronger…

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Boys butt spanked hard in kitchen


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Young pal named Nick got punished with bare bottom spanking for leaving the door opened and letting lots of flies in. Those disgusting flies got in food and made a process of cooking awful. Man became nervous because of them and it did him very angry for Nick. He couldn’t control himself and decided to give that boy a lesson of discipline. He started to spank his sexy butt with flyswatter until it was broken. He was beating guys butt so hard that flyswatter broken, and then man took paddle to finish his lesson…

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Total domination of the young helpless boy


tied boy bot spanked with leather belt

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Tormentor tied his young victim to a ladder with ropes. He started to to touch and to fondle boys body. After tearing his clothes apart he took some water to wash the guy a bit. Then he took black leather belt and gave him a painful spanking lesson. After that he started to play with guys small cock and became horny. He took his from the ladder and tied into humiliating doggy-position. Suddenly this tired and exhausted boy felt his small virgin asshole being fingered…

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Handsome young guy spanked hard with paddle


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Seems like this guy became a star of TropixxxVip. And this is not a surprise. Pal is young, he have a very handsome face, sexy body and beautiful round ass. In addition to it he really enjoys of pain being spanked well. Nick behaved badly and without permission. He was ordered to wash the dishes and to clean up the kitchen, but he didn’t obey. That was the good reason to give him a lesson. He got punished straight in the kitchen with heavy wooden paddle. Pals cute face became distorted with pain as his butt received a huge amount of strokes.

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Young schoolboy is punished by teacher of geography


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Wrong answers are not allowed during this geography lesson. This schoolboy told bullshit to his teacher and because of that was rudely punished by heavy bare hand. Yeah, he was behaving really badly and didn’t listen to the teacher. That is why perverted professor that really loves slapping asses of cute gay boys decided to give him some discipline lesson! In short time butt of this boy became bloody red. He was even crying a bit, but rude man didn’t release the tension but kept spanking very hard. This pupil indeed got some good lessons and will never forget his geography teacher…

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Sexy blond boy spanked hard for jerking-off in wrong place


sexy blond boy jerking cock in military zone
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sexy young boy spanked hard with leather belt

Young recruit was training hard the whole day, because soon he is planning to join the military forces of Tchukistan. He heard some noises in deserted compound and decided to take a look what is going on. There he saw a young beautiful blond boy who was sitting and jerking-off his huge cock. Young soldier already had some experiences in sexual relations with guys, and this deserted place with cute boy and his cock made him horny a bit and he felt strong enough to fulfill his lustful desires. So he just came to the stunning guy and started to dominate him. Boy wasn’t ready for this sudden onslaught so he was totally helpless. Soldier forced him to make some exercises. Then he took off his clothes and started to spank his sweet butt with leather belt. But it was only the beginning…

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