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This disobedient guy is in serious trouble. His parents were away for a few days before X-mas, and He should make a good housecleaning. A lot of freinds should visit for a holidays and big celebration is planned. But this little bastard just did nothing. He was partying, drinking, smoking and doing whatever he wanted but not cleaning. When his father returned home and realized that nothing is done, he became mad. He took a leather belt and forced his 19yo boy to take off his pants and bent to a laundry machine.

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Guy was more shocked that frightened, he wasnt punished like that for a long long time. Dad was spanking his butt for quite a long time. Every single punch was so sharp that after little moaning guy started to cry and ask for a mercy. But his dad didnt intent to stop. Now this little partykid will remember that word of his dad is a law…

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Cute guy called Brent extremely needed money to give back his loans and he was looking for any possibility to get some cash. One of his friends was working as cameraman in male adult business and thats how Brent decided to take part in RYM bondade and spanking action.
It was his first time so he didnt know what to expect. But after being thorougly tied with tight rope in uncomfortable position he started to feel himslef nervously. First Chic (master) made his chest naked and and with wooden brush started to spank his butt still covered with trousers. It was quite painful and Brent started moaning with pain.
Then his torture became even harder. Chic took off all of his clothes and kept spanking and spanking his butt using leather belt. Brent was crying with pain but he had nothing to do, he couldn’t ecen move his body…

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Here are fresh updates from the TropixxxVip rare male spanking studio. As it happened previous time, today we gonna witness punishment of the beautiful guy called Nick and his awesome butt again. This time action takes place in car repairing garage.

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Nick was helping to repair old Volkswagen ‘hippie’ Bus, but previous day he went clubbing all night long so he wanted to sleep, suffered from lack of concentration and was absent-minded. He worked few hours and decided to take a rest. Later his boss came to check the job this pal was committed to do and he found out that work was made absolutely wrong in spite of he had told exactly and deliberately what he wanted Nick to do. Now everything was wrong and he needed even more time to repair Nicks mistakes. Boss became so angry about his young worker so he could not control himself and decided to teach this pal a lesson. He ordered him to take off pants and undies and started to beat his ass with heavy leather belt. Man spanked boys butt with passion and rage until this handsome guy started to cry in pain…

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You haven’t got any idea what really breathtaking boys punishment action is all about if you haven’t ever spent time inside of this photo gallery where some of your sexual desires would be fulfilled! You will definitely realize that I am right and telling the truth after examining everything what is going on here. Blonde and brunette twinks were behaving badly and that is why they needed to get some unforgettable discipline lesson from their perverted gay teacher. He decided to spank them. The very first thing crazy teacher orders guys to do – is to take off all of their clothes and trunks to stay absolutely naked before him. And only then, when these fellows become bare, he starts boys punishment. Stare at him slapping their bottoms.

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A couple of young gayboys were having a great time together in the hotel room. They went to the sport competition to another town with their coach. Guys were alone so they drunk a lot of alcohol and were in mood of kissing and fondling each other. What they did not expect is their teacher who decided to check their accommodation. As soon as the man saw two boys half naked and drunk he became crazy mad and only one thing he could do was to punish them for their disgusting behavior. He ordered them to take off the rest of clothes and started to spank their fresh amateur asses, until they became flaming red. First of all it was only a bare hand spanking, but then he took his heavy leather belt and and even whipped the balls of young lovers with cane.

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Handsome muscle hunk is punishing his enslaved boyfriend for his bad behavior right here, right in this wonderful-looking male fetish hardcore gallery and you shouldn’t miss an opportunity of relaxing inside of it right now or you risk missing a lot! So, the very first thing hunk does – is tying up hands and legs of the slave and then he lowers his pants enjoying from the view of not big but very attractive tight butt that needs to be spanked for a while and maybe fucked after it. So, the muscle man takes belt and other spank devices in the continuation of this male punishment scene and starts making this bottom red and flashing. Examine everything what is going on here and I am sure that you wouldn’t stay indifferent.

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I haven’t got any imagination about what could prevent you from having fun with male punishment scenes that are waiting for you right here right now if you love bondage and torture stories as strong as I do! And it is really cool to see this action where cute twink gets his nice butt spanked so hard by mature man. This fat guy is lowering pants and briefs of the teen gay fellow and starts using his hand and belt to bring pal a lot of painful delight from spanking. Examine the whole male punishment scene from the start till the end right now and you will find yourself sitting in an armchair and stroking cock so well. Butt of twink is becoming so red and flashing from this bondage and torture. Wanna see everything?

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