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This disobedient guy is in serious trouble. His parents were away for a few days before X-mas, and He should make a good housecleaning. A lot of freinds should visit for a holidays and big celebration is planned. But this little bastard just did nothing. He was partying, drinking, smoking and doing whatever he wanted but not cleaning. When his father returned home and realized that nothing is done, he became mad. He took a leather belt and forced his 19yo boy to take off his pants and bent to a laundry machine.

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Guy was more shocked that frightened, he wasnt punished like that for a long long time. Dad was spanking his butt for quite a long time. Every single punch was so sharp that after little moaning guy started to cry and ask for a mercy. But his dad didnt intent to stop. Now this little partykid will remember that word of his dad is a law…

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If you are fond of checking up great-looking and amazingly hot boy punishment porn then you should get my congratulations because you are definitely in the place that will make your sexual fantasies to be satisfied and make you so horny from this great experience! Now you could start relaxing with this spanking punishment action where pretty guy is getting his ass red from painful slapping. Sporty dominant male in jeans orders the slave pal to undress and he does it without any hesitations and unnecessary talks with all obedient he has. He lies on special fitness pink balloon after that and gets so painful and so pleasurable in one moment spanking punishment from the master! Enjoy with the continuation of this boy punishment story…

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Nicolas is young teenager boy. He just turned 18 and he is full of the arrogance typical to this age. He received an offer to take part in spanking video. He rapidly agreed and used to laugh about this experience, because he got enough of spanking from his mom when he was younger. He thought his can easily withstand any flogging there is. But it was a big mistake. Rich took him OTK and with his bare hand delivered a long, painful and exhausting hard ass spanking. Boy was moaning and struggling as his butt turned bloody red. He didn’t expect that tension of real spanking is nothing familiar with his moms one…

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This young man is as disobedient as handsome. He thinks that he is a center of the world and he can do whatever we wants to without paying back. But his father-in-law thinks different. Boy had stolen some money from wall cupboard because he wanted to have some fun with his friends and he is too lazy for finding a good job. But he was unlucky because his father-in-law was just nearby and he saw boy trying to steal his cash. Man became angry, almost furious. It was unavoidable lessons for this lazy boy. Man took his long wooden ruler and ordered to the boy to take off his pants. He was spanking and beating his ass for a long time until boys sexy round butt became bloody red. Boy was moaning and asking for mercy. Gosh, his ass is really awesome…

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This hotties name is Chase Young. Beautiful face, sexy smooth skin and incredibly hot ass… He is a porn star from Helix Studio. His has chosen a good manner to earn cash – to have sex with beautiful boys having a lot of pleasure and at the same time receiving a good money. But this time is different…

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He decided to try something new and he got what he wanted. To stay face to face with Jeff Stern in closed metal cage is something he will remember for a long time. First he got dominated a bit. Jeff took off his pants and slapped his butt with his hand. Then he started to use thick leather paddle – a painful tool for the sensitive young ass. But when Stern took heavy wooden paddle Chases butt started to burn. Boy was moaning from pain but he won’t liberate from Jeff so easily…

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Dimitry is a young Ukrainian guy. He is 27 years old, he have a hot muscular body and very handsome face. This guy is straight, but he is working is gay-for-pay industry. This time he decided to participate in spank-for-pay action what made a lot of pleasure to the spanking master Rich. Man ordered him to lay down OTK, put his arm around the waist of sexy boy and started his job. First it was a bare hand spanking but then Rich felt that it is time for something more special. He took a wooden paddle and gave a good flogging to the Dimitry. Boy was moaning and crying from pain – exactly what Rich wanted to reach…

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Hey guys. Today there is some more updates of Nick, a boy with best round ass I’ve ever seen. Everytime i see him, this young pal makes my day. In this scene houseboy is punished so hard to real tears, because he failed in giving a blowjob to his Master. Action takes part in the kitchen, Master wanted him to suck but boy wasn’t in proper mood and started to resist. It made his Master to go wild, so he bended young boy to the table took off his pants and with wooden paddle he whipped his but until boy cried. In the end young guy realized his mistake and started to suck cock of his Master very gently…

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