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Cute guy called Brent extremely needed money to give back his loans and he was looking for any possibility to get some cash. One of his friends was working as cameraman in male adult business and thats how Brent decided to take part in RYM bondade and spanking action.
It was his first time so he didnt know what to expect. But after being thorougly tied with tight rope in uncomfortable position he started to feel himslef nervously. First Chic (master) made his chest naked and and with wooden brush started to spank his butt still covered with trousers. It was quite painful and Brent started moaning with pain.
Then his torture became even harder. Chic took off all of his clothes and kept spanking and spanking his butt using leather belt. Brent was crying with pain but he had nothing to do, he couldn’t ecen move his body…

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Hey guys. Here are some fresh updates form TropixxxVip. Well-known guy from this studio called Nick with his awesome butt getting spanked in the kitchen with wooden paddle.

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This dude enjoy pain much and this privelege gives him possibility of doing everyhting he wants. He is disobedient and crazy. After doing some shit he is getting spanked and he starts to play a role as it is hurt and he is about to cry, but this is only a game. After watching movies with him i can tell you, that he is very tricky. Me personally enjoy meeting him, he is awesome. Round butt, cute face and hot personality. Perfect boy to spank…

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These hot twinks are boyfriends. They are dating for a few months and during this time that tried so many different crazy sexual things. They both really love dominating fetish games. It turns them on so strongly. This time friends decided to start their sexual act with some spanking games. One of the boys started to dominate another. He bent him over the knee took off his pants and roughly started to spank round butt of his friend with his bare hand. After having some pleasure with it, boy took a heavy leather spanking paddle and started to make it really painfully…

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Start having tons of enjoyment watching amateur guys spanking video clips inside of this gallery and there are no hesitations for me that you wouldn’t regret about this right choice and wouldn’t forget about witnessing what horny guy is doing with his obedient boyfriend that is ready to do everything what he orders him. And you should better believe me that there are lot of crazy kinky thoughts in a head of the dominant male. But the very first thing he wanna do – is to slap wonderful tight round butt of the slave. He orders him to stand in doggie on a sofa after making him naked. He takes ruler and ping-pong racket to make ass of the second dude red and flashing from the amateur guys spanking.

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Jeff Stern is a well known behavior teacher for young disobedient boys. He is merciless enough to show those little bastards their weak and wrong sides and rough enough to give them correct lessons in order to fix the bad sides of their personalities.

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This kawaii little brunette twink boy with incredibly beautiful face got in troubles. He was stupid enough to answer with a snarls and even used a foul language while he a conversation with Jeff. But this man do not bear such an ignorance and without a single thought decided to teach this boy a good manners. He took a big paddle, bended him over the knee and started to spank guys little smooth butt with all his mind until red bloody spots started to appear…

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Once again this is Nick from TropixxxVip studio. His cute face and sexy round butt are just a brilliant discovery for boy spanking lovers. This mischievous pal was acting in a lots of films from this studio and as seems at these pictures he already grew older a bit.

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This time he got spanked OTK (over the knee) with bare hand of his master. As always he did something wrong or behaved badly and deserved a good flogging. Looks like this pal will never get enough of it. His teacher ordered him to get otk. Then he took off his jeans and cute white undies and started his lesson. He spanked slowly and softly at first, but then he desired to hear the moaning of this yob so he strengthened tension of the slaps. It was really painful, boys butt became bloody red and started to flame…

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This pal got in real troubles with his step-father. He loves heavy music, beer and to hang out with friends, he is lazy and hates to do any job for house. This time his step-father asked to make some cleaning, but this pal got drunk instead and felt asleep. When male came home and saw sleeping boy, without doing anything he asked, he just became crazy. He woke up the boy, started to rip off clothes and shouting on him. He decided that for being so lazy-ass this boy should get ass punishment. He took his metal stick and started very painful punishment. Boy was screaming, moaning and crying from pain but this only made his step-father to beat him more and more stronger…

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