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Dimitry is a young Ukrainian guy. He is 27 years old, he have a hot muscular body and very handsome face. This guy is straight, but he is working is gay-for-pay industry. This time he decided to participate in spank-for-pay action what made a lot of pleasure to the spanking master Rich. Man ordered him to lay down OTK, put his arm around the waist of sexy boy and started his job. First it was a bare hand spanking but then Rich felt that it is time for something more special. He took a wooden paddle and gave a good flogging to the Dimitry. Boy was moaning and crying from pain – exactly what Rich wanted to reach…

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Hey guys. Today there is some more updates of Nick, a boy with best round ass I’ve ever seen. Everytime i see him, this young pal makes my day. In this scene houseboy is punished so hard to real tears, because he failed in giving a blowjob to his Master. Action takes part in the kitchen, Master wanted him to suck but boy wasn’t in proper mood and started to resist. It made his Master to go wild, so he bended young boy to the table took off his pants and with wooden paddle he whipped his but until boy cried. In the end young guy realized his mistake and started to suck cock of his Master very gently…

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This is Luke. He is long-haired cute blonde boy from US. He is quite shy guy, always trying to keep in shade and not to be in the center of people’s attention. But he got some money difficulties and had to take a loan. When time came to pay back, he got in a trouble because he didn’t have any money. But he was lucky enough to hear about tropixxxVip studio and because he had no other options he went there for casting…

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He was ordered to take off his clothes and to turn back leaning on the wall. That moment Luke found out that he likes to be dominated. It made him feel secured. So he relaxed and just did what he was told to do. Then Master took a wooden paddle and started to spank boys butt. It was totally new experience for him and he didn’t know what to expect. It was very painful and boy started to moan. But pretty soon Luke found out that he enjoys this action. He was surprised, that by being spanked this way he can open his hidden sexual desires…

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It’s Nick again. Again he got some trouble on his amazing round butt. This time punishment went really too far. Master spanked his ass with wooden rule until bloody meat. This boy was crying and moaning with pain asking to stop this torture, but stern master knows his art and he will stop only when he himself decide to…

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Young burglar got spanked and dominated by soldier


Ron is burglar and he lives like that already several years. He tried to be as careful as possible, but living like that you never know what is gonna happen tomorrow…

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This time luck wasn´t on his side. The house he decided to check for something to steal was protected by big and powerful soldier called Hannibal. For Ron this man was the worst guy to meet under such an awful conditions. Hannibal is kinky, homo and wild and Ron is gonna experience all the facets of his nature.

First of all soldier tied Ron to the ladder in very uncomfortable position and started to spank his ass with everything he could find nearby. Then he took off his pants and with a rope tied his cock and started to pull it. Ron was moaning with pain, he realized that he got in huge troubles, and he was right. Hannibal is gonna turn this boy into his sex-toy and gove him a lesson he deserves…

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Cute guy called Brent extremely needed money to give back his loans and he was looking for any possibility to get some cash. One of his friends was working as cameraman in male adult business and thats how Brent decided to take part in RYM bondade and spanking action.
It was his first time so he didnt know what to expect. But after being thorougly tied with tight rope in uncomfortable position he started to feel himslef nervously. First Chic (master) made his chest naked and and with wooden brush started to spank his butt still covered with trousers. It was quite painful and Brent started moaning with pain.
Then his torture became even harder. Chic took off all of his clothes and kept spanking and spanking his butt using leather belt. Brent was crying with pain but he had nothing to do, he couldn’t ecen move his body…

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Hey guys. Here are some fresh updates form TropixxxVip. Well-known guy from this studio called Nick with his awesome butt getting spanked in the kitchen with wooden paddle.

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This dude enjoy pain much and this privelege gives him possibility of doing everyhting he wants. He is disobedient and crazy. After doing some shit he is getting spanked and he starts to play a role as it is hurt and he is about to cry, but this is only a game. After watching movies with him i can tell you, that he is very tricky. Me personally enjoy meeting him, he is awesome. Round butt, cute face and hot personality. Perfect boy to spank…

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