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Boy named Cash was brought to the woods for making this scene. Knowing that punishment will be intense, he asked to have his hands tied and the mouth gagged, to help him withstand that. This session is very rough, boy is crying and screaming from pain. This is really intense and merciless punishment for him. His sexy butt is bleeding and he is desperately trying to hold the fire of this painful whipping…

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Jonathan got his butt destroyed OTK with wooden ruler


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Here is some other story from RYM male spanking studio. Jonathan lost his job and started to drink a lot. He totally lost his mind in desperation and apathy. His old friend Rich invited him for the casting to earn a bit and to give him a lesson of sobriety as well. Jonathan wasn’t sure about all the event, but lack of cash made him to decide. They met and after short conversation everything started. Rich put the young boy over his knee and started to spank his butt, just like to the little disobedient boy. He was smaking him with bare hand through the undies first. But then he totally undressed him and brought Jonathan to really hard painful time. He was slapping boys ass with wooden ruler, trying to beat all the shit out of his mind. Jonathan was screaming and crying from pain. I think there is nothing more refreshing than that…

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Punishment spanking for a slave boy


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This boy got enslaved. It is his passion. He enjoys to be helpless and let the other to do with this body everything one desires. This time this guy got tied hard in standing position with thick red ropes all over his body. His tormentor gifted him a hard spanking time. He got spanked with wooden cane until his ass got bleed and then his back got just destroyed with whip.

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Tied boy got his big round butt destoryed with horse whip


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This boys name is Kevin and he is easy money hunter. But this time he missed really hard. To receive some cash from Rich for this scene he is gonna pay with his ass. Literally. Rich tied his hands to the stool with his legs spread and stated to work with his butt. He took a plastic horse whip and and started the action. From the very beginning Kevin started to scream and to moan. He was even crying from pain asking Rich to stop. But pointlessly. The more louder Kevin was moaning the harder Rich was whipping his ass. Kevin was trying to kick him, his body was shivering but without any result. Kevin ended up in desperation and let Rich to finish this painful act. I guess it was the hardest money Kevins earned in his life…

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Young boy got spanked hard over the knee


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Young amateur punk Milo got punished hard after spat with his strong muscled brother. Brother got mad and decided to beat his butt. With his strong hands he took him like a rag-doll and putt over his knee, just like their dad was doing when they were children. He started to spank him with his bare hand. Then he took of jeans to make slaps more sharp, and then even took off boys undies. Naked butt was spanked hard. Boy was moaning and almost crying. He was trying to fight his brother, but he couldn’t, we was too weak…

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Slave boy got whipped hard and forced to suck a cock


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Dream Boy Bondage studio offers gay bdsm with bondage, spanking, slave and rough sexual content. In this episode sexy boy got tied to the spanking apparatus and got whipped hard. His sexy muscle tormentor with handsome face had no mercy, he was beating and whipping boys butt with all his mind. During this action he got horny so he decided to force his young slave to suck his cock…

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This perverted daddy got a lot of joy spending his time with one handsome young boy. This boy likes to have some easy money so he can allow himself to let stranger humiliate him like this. Totally naked this skinny young beauty is being whipped with leather whip. Skin on his butt is burning, its bloody red. Boy got even some wooden stick to hold in his mouth to withstand the strengh of this punishment…

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